Student Support


1. Peer & USF Tutorials

Upon request or need, students may be paired with a peer tutor to receive help in a particular subject. Peer tutorials take place during lunch in room 306 or at an agreed upon time between both students.

Tutors from University of San Francisco (USF) will be available depending on availability. If available, a USF tutor will be in the library after school or helping with math during 7th periods.

2. Director of Student Support

The Director of Academic Counseling helps families obtain testing and other services from the San Francisco Unified School District, and ensures that paperwork for extended time standardized testing is submitted. She also assists in the college application process for students with identified needs and communicates essential information to parents and teachers.


For the 2015-2016 school year, ICA will continue to provide a systematic program of academic support. Highlights include:

  • A Dominican volunteer-supervised break in the library and supervised lunch in room 306 for those who need assistance
  • Counseling check-ins during break and lunch with the academic counselor
  • 7th periods with teachers for tutorials
  • 8-week after school support class if needed

Additional support is provided by a full-time college counselor, full-time personal counselor and a part-time personal counselor.

ICA is committed to providing students the academic resources they need to succeed not only at ICA, but in college and the workplace.